We bring Zen back to your life.

Running a small business is fun, isn’t it? With long hours, staff to train and mentor, and customers to look after, it’s no wonder you feel stressed out and strapped for time. And let’s not forget about all the paperwork – invoices, purchase orders, bookkeeping, BAS… the list goes on!
At ZenFind, our business is to help your business reach its goals and grow. And you’ll have more time and less worry.

Simplify your business and bring zen back to your life.

Tailored, cloud-based
finance solutions

We take control of your numbers and finances, so you can get back to what you do best – making sales, creating products or providing services. We use Xero online accounting software, so you can access data anytime, anywhere.

Expert coaching
and business mentoring

We’re committed to your business goals and helping you find more efficient ways to run your business. We can provide you with advice and guidance tailored to your industry and your specific needs.

Body Corporate
audit services

At ZenFind Accounting we have been auditing Strata Titles for over 20 years. We promise our clients a quick ten day turnaround and our competitive price structure is based on the size of the building.

Access to trusted
specialist services

With decades in the industry, we’ve compiled a list of trustworthy and highly skilled professionals. We’ll work together to help lift your business to the next level.

Delivering Excellence

Our mission is to give you back some time and Zen through the efficiency of the cloud based accounting software Xero. Xero is a simple online solution with all the time-saving tools you need to reduce your back office and grow your business.
When maintained properly Xero can provide live, accurate and timely financial information about your business. We pride ourselves in providing you with the relevant knowledge and training in order for you to successfully incorporate Xero into your daily business life.

The satisfaction of our clients is paramount. We’re genuinely interested in getting to know your business and the issues you’re facing.

Chartered Accountant & Owner of ZenFind Accounting

Our core values

We have built our business around our principles that guide all of a company’s actions. This is what makes us different:


We work with you closely to be able to quickly adapt to any issues as they arise and keep you in the loop.


We’re honest and transparent in our approach, so you can always rely on us to provide you with no nonsense advice.


We have over thirty years of experience. Together with our highly-skilled network of specialists, you’ll always receive the best possible advice.


We understand how valuable your time is. That’s why we’ll never waste it and aim to meet agreed deadlines whenever possible.


Using the cloud-based accounting software Xero in your business will help you find more time, save more money and simplify the way you work.


The satisfaction of our clients is paramount. We’ll provide you with fee certainty and deliver our work on time whenever possible.

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