How much is my business worth?

For many small business owners, their business is their largest asset and for many, one that is expected to help fund their retirement. But what is your business really worth and what sets a high value business apart? Every business owner is naturally curious about just how much their business is worth. However, for every business … Read more

How to take advantage of the 1 July super cap increase

From 1 July 2024, the amount you can contribute to super will increase. We show you how to take advantage of the change. The amount you can contribute to superannuation will increase on 1 July 2024 from $27,500 to $30,000 for concessional super contributions and from $110,000 to $120,000 for non-concessional contributions. The contribution caps … Read more

The Christmas tax dilemma

Discover our top strategies to steer clear of gifting the Australian Tax Office an unexpected bonus this holiday season. 1. Keep team gifts spontaneous $300 is the minor benefit threshold for FBT so anything at or above this level will mean that your Christmas generosity will result in a gift to the ATO at a … Read more

Claiming Motor Vehicle Expenses On Your Tax Return

As a business owner one of the perks is the ability to claim tax deductions for expenses related to motor vehicles used in your business operations. This includes cars and certain other vehicles that play a role in running your business smoothly. The good news is that claiming motor vehicle expenses can help reduce your … Read more

What does it take to hand your business to the next generation?

What is the end game for your business? Succession is not just a topic for a TV series or billionaire families, it’s about successfully transitioning your business and maximising its capital value for you, the owners. When it comes to generational succession of a family business, there are a few important aspects: Succession of the … Read more

Uncomplicating The Tax Treatment Of Life Insurance

Have you recently purchased life insurance? The type of cover, deductibility of premiums and treatment of claims make life insurance a complex topic for tax. It’s a topic that individuals and businesses alike seek assistance from accountants. The deductibility of premiums and treatment of claims payouts can be a complex, nuanced topic. The opportunities and … Read more

Fringe benefits tax and Christmas parties

There is no separate fringe benefits tax (FBT) category for Christmas parties and you may encounter many different circumstances when providing these events to your staff. Fringe benefits provided by you, an associate, or under an arrangement with a third party to any current employees, past and future employees and their associates (spouses and children), … Read more

2022/23 Budget 2.0

With seven months before the 2023-24 Budget released in May 2023, this Budget is a shuffling of the deck not a new set of cards. And to continue the pun, we need to play the hand we have been dealt, buffeted by externalities – war, floods, and global uncertainty. Cost of living pressures will continue. … Read more

Tax & the family home

Everyone knows you don’t pay tax on your family home when you sell it…right? We take a closer look at the main residence exemption that excludes your home from capital gains tax and the triggers that reduce or exclude that exemption. Capital gains tax (CGT) applies to gains you have made on the sale of … Read more

How to sell your business

We’re often asked the best way to sell a business. There are two key components at play in the sale of a business: structuring the transaction; and positioning the business to the market. Both elements are important and can significantly impact your result. Structuring the transaction covers areas such as pricing the business, the terms … Read more